Before we even start shooting, I want to get to know YOU! I believe that when I know you and truly understand your style, your personality, and your marriage, I can do a better job of capturing your unique, smokin' hot beauty!

I want to make you feel as important and stunning as you really are. You should leave a boudoir session feeling full of confidence, with a new found appreciation for your body.  

All of my sessions take place in a private environment where you can feel comfortable to let your hair down. While you and I chat about your vision for your photos, you'll have your make-up done by a professional. Then, we'll put on some music and let the real fun begin! 

Our Unique Boudoir Experience


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*Includes professional make-up!

- Christina C.

"The idea of doing a boudoir photoshoot was a little nerve wrecking at first. It ended up being the best girls day ever. Myself and a few girlfriends had so much fun! The day was full of champagne toast, laughs, and building each other’s confidence up. Brittany made us feel really comfortable and helped with posing. I was blown away with the photographs!!! Brittany also helped with unique gift ideas using the photos. If you are looking for the ultimate girls day then I highly recommend a boudoir session with Brittany Powell!"

- Lauren K.

"Brittany far exceeded my expectations when it came to my boudoir pictures for my husband. I always wanted to do boudoir pictures for my partner but was never quite confident enough to actually do them. Brittany made me feel so confident and beautiful. Not only does my husband love my boudoir photos, I love them of myself too. Brittany makes you feel so comfortable, and it was such a blast taking these pictures. You will not regret using Brittany Powell for all of your photography needs!!"

- Chris E.

"Ladies! Get. Boudoir. Photos. Done. With. Brittany!
I can't rave about my experience enough! My boudoir session truly transformed the way I view my body. The photos I received back are stunning and the empowering confidence I felt was priceless! Boudoir photos certainly make a wonderful present for any partner, but it will be YOU who really feels like you got a gift out of your session! Trust me on this one and book your session today!"

- Kayley C.

"Brittany is absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough great things about her and her work. I was nervous to do my first boudoir shoot, but she made me feel so comfortable and confident in my own skin. It truly is an empowering experience - I would recommend all women do a boudoir shoot with Brittany at least once in their life!"

Double the fun & discount the price,

make it a girls day!

Few things make me happier than seeing women supporting other women! When you schedule a boudoir session with a friend, not only do you both get a discount, you both get the joy of having another woman cheer you on as you pose.

Sessions are even more fun and a lot less nerve wracking when you have your girl there! Wether it's just you and your bff or your entire girl gang, we're going to have a blast together. 


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*Per person. Includes professional make-up!

let me be your personal cheerleader!

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